Leadership Hiring

It's no easy task to hire highly talented individuals with the expertise and personal qualities that align with your company's trajectory and values.

Finding great senior-level talent is both critically important and formidable, particularly for fast-growth companies. Bringing on new senior leadership at the right time can be a huge boon for the company's growth, while hiring mistakes at the executive level can be devastating.

Our Leadership Hiring team can easily partner with organisations of different sizes and deliver best-fit talent across industries focused on Big Data, Analytics, DWBI and Artificial Intelligence. With an active database of over 100,000 candidates globally and specialist knowledge of key business verticals within data science, analytics and AI, we will deliver the best talent at the earliest possible.

Our well established network with organizations and candidates in the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Technology, Manufacturing, Industrial, Digital Innovation, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Life Sciences and Clinical Research space helps us establish the connects that make the difference. 

Gladwin Analytics approach towards leadership hiring is unique and encompasses a team of experienced search consultants who have spent significant time in the industry and understand the approach to be adopted to place candidates at leadership roles. We invite you to have a discussion with us on how best we could serve you. Please get in touch with our domain specialist to know more:


Corporates seeking to retain (or) engage in our leadership hiring services may contact us below