Executive Search

With analytics becoming a crucial component of innovation, new-product development, customer insights and corporate decision making in many industries, companies are highly increasing the supply of analytics talent flowing into their organizations. As companies search for top people to staff their ambitious moves into analytics, they are encountering a critical mismatch between supply and demand.

Finding, acquiring and retaining top analytics talent will require innovative skills and sourcing strategies to address mismatches. Our big data analytics search experts have helped many of the most successful organizations build their senior leadership teams in data science and decision science.

We know it is not enough to simply identify someone with the right big data analytics experience. Our mission is to deliver great analytics leaders with the right blend of latest analytics technology expertise and superior business understanding.

Our Executive Search Methodology

Gladwin Analytics is committed to excellence in search execution, which we measure by accuracy, responsiveness, time to closure and short and long term success of the analytics leadership we bring in for our clients. By leveraging the specialized industry knowledge of our expert search consultants in big data analytics and unparalleled industry connections, we deliver executive talents that bring life to your analytics business and freshness to your perspective.


Corporates seeking to retain (or) engage in our leadership hiring services may contact us below

Refine the opportunity

  • Define business needs and search context
  • Client briefing - Role and Candidate Description
  • Agree - search plans and terms and conditions

Define the search universe

  • Mutual agreement on the firms and teams to target
  • Clients tells us who they already know and are interested in approaching

Identification and Assessment

  • Direct search / Referral requests / Recommendations / Database Search
  • Approach the talent
  • Competency Assessment
  • Progress reports and Feedback discussions

Shortlist Reports

  • Detailed assessment reports on the potential shortlisted candidates
  • Client interviews and feedbacks

Offer Negotiation

  • Negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement and dealing with the counter offers
  • Final offer of employment to the chosen candidate
  • Reference checks

Transition Support

  • Ensure smooth transitions
  • Care calls till one year at an interval of one month between each Assignment successfully completed

Search Closure

  • Once the successful candidate is on board at the client company, we close the assignment in the marketplace by telephoning or sending an appropriate 'search completed' e-mail to each source, prospect or candidate contacted during the course of the search