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Data leads to better understanding and decision making among individuals, businesses, and government. Individuals use data to make better decisions about everything from what they buy to how they plan for their future. Businesses use data to find new customers, automate processes, informed business decisions and so on. Government agencies use data to cut costs, prioritize social services, and keep citizens safe.

Indeed, by enabling people to better understand the complex world around us and to use that understanding to make better decisions, large and small, data has the potential to drive innovation in a broad range of areas, improving both economic productivity and quality of life.

Making sense of the vast amounts of data collected about people and the world around them is necessary to address major social challenges, including improving health care, education, public safety, transportation, energy, and the environment.

There is a global shortage of workers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to support data-driven decision making and innovation. These workers include not only programmers skilled with machine learning or Hadoop, but also data-literate managers, designers and communication specialists. Top research firms projected that, by 2015, only one-third of the 4.4 million available big data jobs can be filled.

At Gladwin Analytics, we help our clients in diversified industries to hire skilled workforce in big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, research and insights, strategy and innovation science, which is inevitable for data-driven innovations and business management.

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